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6th Workshop on Fourier Analysis and Related Fields

First Announcement

The Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Pécs announces the 6th Workshop on Fourier Analysis and Related Fields, Pécs, Hungary, 24-31 August 2017.

This workshop is a continuation of the series of "Fourier workshops" held at the Renyi Institute in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2013, 2015. The workshop focuses on Fourier analysis and its applications in various branches of mathematics, such as additive combinatorics, number theory and mathematical analysis.

The organizing committee is: Tímea Eisner, Marcel Gaál, Ágota G. Horváth, Balázs Király, Béla Nagy, Margit Pap (co-chair), Viktor Rébay, Szilárd Révész (chairman), Ilona Simon (secretary), Tamás Titkos, László Tóth, Dániel Virosztek

Please advertise this workshop among your colleagues, students or other potential participants.

The Organizing Committee would like to call your attention to the following points and kindly asks you to fill out the attached questionnaire.
  1. The participants are expected to arrive in the afternoon of August 24th and to leave in the morning of August 31st. The registration will take place on the first floor of the workshop venue, by the entrance of the lecture room. The welcome party will be held on the 24th of August between 20:00-22:30. Please arrive by 19:00 to the Headquarter of the Academy to register or take the workshop bus at 19:00 starting near the Koch Valeria Dormitory, at the Car Park of Hotel Makár.
  2. Please fill out the attached questionnaire and choose from Menues A or B, notify your excursion preferences (and shuttle opportunity if not specified yet ) and send it back by August 21.
  3. Please check the preliminary schedule of the scientific program on the website and please notify us immediately if we need to modify your schedule.
  4. If you intend to give a talk, and you have not sent us your title and short abstract yet, then please submit them immediately. The abstracts of communications will be included in the conference materials.
  5. The scientific program and coffee breaks will take place mostly at the Headquarter of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences named „PAB Székház” (Jurisics Miklós street 44). Exceptionally, on Monday, the 28th August, the workshop will be held in the Conference Room at the University of Pécs (Vargha Damján Konferencia Terem) (Ifjúság street 6.) A laptop with projector will be supplied, small white board and board markers will be arranged. (If you wish to write on a broad whiteboard, please make sure that your lecture is not on the 28th of August. We strongly recommend for everybody to prepare a presentation and use the projector.) There will be talks of 45 and 25 minutes long, which means a duration of 40/20 minutes for lecture and 5 minutes for discussion.
  6. Accommodation is arranged according to our correspondence with you and include continental breakfast. The addresses are: the Headquarter of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences named „PAB Székház” (44 Jurisics Miklós street). Koch Valeria Student dormitory (13 Mikes Kelemen street). Centrum ApartmanHotel (11 Damjanich street).
  7. Social events: A preliminary abstract book can be found on our website, in which you can find some information on the social events, meals, technicalities. We plan several social events: a welcome dinner, an excursion with wine tasting in Villány, a banquet and an optional afternoon for free time, museums or spa.
    - Excursion on the 27th of August: guided sightseeing tour in Pécs, int he evening we visit a wine cellar in the famous village Villány.
    - The banquet will be held on the 29th of August from 17:00. We meet at the conference venue.
    - Museum afternoon/spa afternoon on the 30th of August, after lunch between 14:00-18:00.
  8. Please be alerted, that there is a renovation on rail tracks between Budapest and Pécs during the workshop, so opting for train is not convenient: passengers are asked to change for bus and then to change back for train, and the duration of the journey is even longer. Choosing the shuttle Travel4You is the most convenient or find someone who is coming by car. Parking is possible at all three accommodation places arranged by us.
Detailed information on how to reach workshop venues and meeting times will be updated on our webpage.


In case of any questions please contact the organizers by email at fourier2017 [k] ttk [p] pte [p] hu

Registration and Payment


If you are an invited participant, your name should be listed automatically among the participants. If you are not an invited participant, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions or you would like to have your registration fee reduced, write an email to the organizers at fourier2017 [k] ttk [p] pte [p] hu. You are encouraged to register as early as possible. The deadline for registration is: 31st of May 2017. (Registration is closed.)

Payment Information

The registration fee is 300 Euros (but we encourage potential participants to ask for reduction, if necessary). Please note that the registration fee covers accommodation only in a student dormitory, but does not cover more expensive hotel fees (but for invited participants accommodation is arranged by the organizers). For accompanying persons the respective discounted registration fee is 150 Euros or 45000 HUF.

Registration fee covers:

  • Conference package
  • Coffee breaks
  • Banquet (precise date to be decided later)
  • Accommodation in reasonable quality student dormitories

Ways of payment

  • In cash on the site of the conference.
  • By transfer (PREFERRED) - Contact the organizers for the bank account on fourier2017 [k] ttk [p] pte [p] hu. The deadline for transfer is 31st of May 2017.

Depending on budget we plan to cover from conference fund some other costs, like excursion, meals.

Abstracts and talks

If you would like to give a talk at our Workshop, then please send us your title and abstract to fourier2017 [k] ttk [p] pte [p] hu at your earliest convenience, but no later than May 31.

Abstracts should be written in plain TeX or LaTeX, avoiding use of special macros. Please indicate your suggestion regarding the duration of your presentation (ie. if you plan for a longer lecture of 40-45 minutes or a short talk of 20-25 minutes).

Conference venue

The workshop will be held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences local Headquarters, Pécs, Hungary. Talks will be held in the main lecture hall, coffee breaks will be served in the main hall.


The address is  7624 Pécs, Jurisics M. street 44.

Internet access

The halls  are WIFI equipped so you can access the Internet conveniently from your own laptop.


In case of sufficient interest, we plan to organize one or two group shuttle transport directly between Budapest Airport and Pécs. Therefore, please inform us about your arrival plans and interest in taking part in such a group.

Airport Shuttle

If you arrive by plane to Budapest, we recommend the Airport Shuttle Travel4You, Phone: +36-30-655-9191 or +36-30-655-9200. The Budapest-Pécs round trip costs around 19400 HUF (~63 Euro). It is reasonable to book your ticket one week before travelling. The ride takes 2 hours and the shuttle bus picks you up along with a few other passengers and takes you to the address you indicate.

Public transport

A one-way travel by public transport and train takes 4-5 hours and costs 5400 HUF (~17 Euro).

From Budapest Airport to Keleti Train Station: Blue buses No. 200E leave from outside the terminal buildings roughly every 15 minutes, which take you to the end station of underground line 3, that is, to Kőbánya-Kispest Metro Station. (This is the end station of the bus as well.) Ride time is about 30 minutes (allow extra time when taking it during rush-hours). Then take the blue metro line M3, change at Deák Square for the red metro line (M2) to the Keleti Train Station or the Kelenföld Train Station (Each InterCity to Pécs stops at Kelenföld, which can be reached by M2 and M4). A one way combined ticket costs about 2 Euro and you can buy the tickets at the automats or 2 single tickets, the first one inside the bus and the second one at the metro station. (Alternatively for this step you can take a taxi for about 5600 HUF.)

From Budapest Keleti Train Station to Pécs: There is an Inter City train from Keleti Railway Train Station Budapest to Pécs every second hour. For schedule see: http://elvira.mav-start.hu/elvira.dll/x/index?language=2

Local transport: When arrived to Pécs, take bus number 32, 34Y, 35Y, or 36, which takes you from the train station to the building of Academia Headquarter. Name of the Station in Hungarian is „MTA Székház”. Check the timetable and other details by clicking here or here. The ride takes 12 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to the Academy’s Headquarters for about 1200 HUF (~4 Euro) with Volán Taxi (+36-72-333-333). The ride takes 8 minutes. Most of the Taxis in Pécs are on acceptable price.


Student dormitories

We have reserved a limited number of rooms in student dormitories. If you are satisfied by this means of accommodation, then we arrange your accommodation and the costs are covered as part of your registration or invitation. (See the Gallery for pictures.)

Hotel reservation

We have reserved a limited number of rooms at the Workshop Venue. 15 rooms are available in the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Headquarters – Pécs. (ca. 45 Euros/night/person, breakfast is included.) See on http://tab.mta.hu/pecsi-teruleti-bizottsag/szobafoglalas/ In view of our group reservation, for booking please contact us at fourier2017 [k] ttk [p] pte [p] hu. (See the Gallery for pictures.)

We have also reserved a number of rooms in the nearby Centrum Apartments Hotel in the Damjanich Street (which is not the same as Centrum Apartman). (ca. 45 Euros/night/person. Breakfast included.) In view of our group reservation, for booking please contact us at fourier2017 [k] ttk [p] pte [p] hu. (See the Gallery for pictures.)

In case you prefer to make your own reservation, you are free to arrange your own choice, but of course at your own costs. We recommend the following nearby possibilities: Hotel Szinbád, Hotel Barbakán, Aqua Apartmanok, Mandula Villa Apartment, Aradi Apartman, Tettye Panoráma Apartment, Hotel Palatinus (in city center, retro). For choosing a hotel in Pécs we recommend the site http://www.booking.com, where you have to choose Pécs, the dates and a convenient hotel.

Tourist information


Hungary is now a EU member, so visitors arriving from EU member countries do not need a visa to enter.

Local currency

Our currency is Hungarian Forint (HUF). The approximate value is 1 Euro ~ 300 HUF, but for exchange rates see the page of the Hungarian National Bank.


Hungary has a continental climate. At the end of August the weather should be pleasantly warm.

More information

Pécs was the European Capital of Culture in 2010, details see on: http://international.pte.hu/the_european_capital_of_culture

University of Pécs is the oldest university in Hungary founded in 1367. This year is the 650th Jubilee year from the foundation. https://pte.hu/english http://international.pte.hu/theuniversityofpecs

The Faculty of Sciences was founded 25 years ago. http://www.ttk.pte.hu/en

Information about Pécs: see on Pécs Portal: http://www.iranypecs.hu/en/index.html


Scientific program

You can access the tentative scientific program here.

Book of abstracts

The conference booklet, including abstracts of talks, is available in PDF format.


While we gratefully acknowledge the financial support of Akdémiai Kiadó (Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), we would also like to convey the invitation of the journal Analysis Mathematica, jointly published by Akadémiai Kiadó and Springer Verlag, to submit your conference paper to the Special Issue dedicated to the 6th Workshop on Fourier Analysis. Analysis Mathematica is a journal appearing both in print and online, is registered in MR, WoS, Zbl. etc., and its current Impact Factor is 0,225. For more about the journal see its home page http://link.springer.com/journal/10476. In order to allow time for consideration we expect submitted papers sent by the end of the Workshop. In case Analysis Mathematica cannot provide enough space for all the submitted papers, we offer another reasonable journal for publication. Depending on the demand, Analysis Mathematica may also redirect some papers if need be.

The submitted papers will be refereed by independent referees and the accepted papers will be published in the regular issue no. 1 vol. 44 of Analysis Mathematica or in Mathematica Pannonica, dedicated to the workshop.


We plan to organize an excursion. Participation is free of charge (including the dinner). The time and place of the banquet will be announced later.

List of participants

This list is updated regularly (at least once a week). If you believe that your name is missing, please contact the organizers: fourier2017 [k] ttk [p] pte [p] hu